GoLoad: The World’s First Dynamic Load Matching (DLM) Engine

GoLoad - The World's First Dynamic Load Matching Engine - My20 ELD Konexial

Empty miles are the largest source of waste for the trucking industry. Each year, around 40 to 50 billion empty miles are incurred by trucks, resulting in 1 billion hours lost and 100 billion dollars wasted. So, we teamed up with Cloud Logistics to create a groundbreaking and efficient logistics solution to eliminate empty miles and dramatically reduce wasted time, fuel, and money.

Our solution? GoLoad, the world’s first, and only, dynamic load-matching engine.

With GoLoad’s sophisticated mobile and cloud technology, independent drivers and fleets can get load opportunities directly from the best shippers — in an instant. This means fewer empty miles, higher margins for truckers, and lower rates for shippers.

GoLoad is conveniently integrated into both the My20 and My20 Tower apps, making it simple for drivers to log their hours, find loads opportunities, and take advantage of the other features of the app, all in one place.

GoLoad makes it easier for carriers to increase their earning potential.

GoLoad’s global, real-time truckload ecosystem connects you directly to the industry’s best shippers — giving you more control over your time AND your payload. Simply connect, find available loads on your route, then review the completely transparent transaction details.

Instead of going out of your way to search for loads, GoLoad brings the opportunities to you — allowing you to maximize your profitability and minimize waste.

With GoLoad, shippers can identify new business opportunities and create carrier relationships with ease.

GoLoad makes finding the right people to get loads from Point A to Point B a breeze. You’ll get direct access to quality carriers, connecting you to new business opportunities and improving your bottom line. GoLoad can integrate any shipper’s TMS into the network, matching each load to the right carriers efficiently and affordably.

Most importantly, all transactions are completely transparent with visibility of fees to all parties.

Eliminate empty miles – one load at a time.

At Konexial, our goal is to eliminate waste and improve profitability within the trucking industry, while at the same time helping drivers improve their daily lives through technology. We are proud to introduce GoLoad as the solution to one of the biggest issues in the industry today: empty miles.

Look out for GoLoad’s release later this fall. For more information, give us a call at
865-888-MY20 (6920) or drop us an email at contact@

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